Metal Massacre: Bloodtruth + Demiurgon + Taxidermist

Date(s) - 19/01/2019


Bloodtruth (IT – Brutal Death Metal)

Demiurgon (IT – Death Metal)

Taxidermist (A – Gore Core)

Eintritt: VVK 11,- | AK 14,-

Vorverkauf bei: Jugendinfo Wien, oeticket und ONLINE



„Initially forged in 2009 as the side project of FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE members Francesco Paoli and Paolo Rossi, and now featuring the updated lineup of vocalist Luis Maggio, guitarists Stefano Rossi Ciucci and Stefano Clementini, bassist Riccardo Rogari and drummer Giacomo Torti, Bloodtruth heave forth a sonic fire ball of speed, brutality and unadulterated hate. Fusing the cryptic atmosphere of early ’90s death metal, evocative Gregorian chants representing the band’s homeland and history and methodical technicality, Bloodtruth are ceaseless in their ear-lacerating capabilities. The band had the opportunity to tour Europe with the mighty Suffocation and Nile during the “What Should Not Be Unheated” european tour in 2015 and has just released their sophomore new album „Martyrium“ via Unique Leader Records, and will be touring Europe and UK for the „In Sanguine Veritas Tour 2019 d.c.“